January ’19 Hot Topics

Each month I will do a culmination post that goes over a few hot topics from that month which will include anything from social trending, music, TV shows, and even major news events, etc.

Outside of the typical January hot topic of “new year new me” trends, I want to touch on a few hot topics that I wasn’t able to make a full post about. Now the items that make it on my list are just things I’ve noticed as huge talking points amongst my friends and family, social media, co-workers, and based on my location.

So lets jump right in, here are the January hot topics:

1. The Government Shutdown. #inthenews The longest government shutdown in US history lasting for 35 long days has started the year off with a bang. The shutdown has prolonged this excruciating amount of time due to Trump’s demand of “the wall” along the Mexico border. This shutdown has cost many federal employees paychecks to be nonexistent and critical services out of reach to the people. Trump agreed to lift the government shutdown temporarily for 3 weeks on Friday, January 25th but he has not let go of his will to build the wall. He has made it clear that he is prepared to enforce another government shutdown if the bipartisan committee does not construct a deal that meets his border security demands. 🙄 Lord be with us.


2. 10 Year Challenge. #socialmediatrending If you use any form of social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you have seen people posting then-and-now profile pictures. You probably participated in the social media phenomenon yourself. As I watched people post pictures, I noticed that most people had major glow ups and I think it serves as a friendly reminder that where you are now doesn’t have to determine where you’ll end up. I couldn’t help but reflect on my own life in the last 10 years and man I’ve come a long a way, I’ve been through a lot of shit, but I’m grateful for where I am today. I’m not where I want to be but at least I’m moving in the right direction! Own your glow up ladies 💁🏽‍♀️ Here’s my #10yearchallenge for kicks and giggles:


Gurl the struggle was real…don’t judge me lol

3. Surviving R. Kelly Docuseries. #BlackGirlsMatter This has been a touchy subject for me because there are so many opinions surrounding the types of issues brought up with this documentary but it has been a major talking point in the black community. So if you don’t know, Lifetime created a 6-episode docuseries titled Surviving R. Kelly that basically broadcasts the cruel, demeaning, and straight up foul sexual (assault) acts R. Kelly has performed against young black women including his former wife. There’s honestly so much you could talk about concerning this documentary but it was most definitely eye opening and disheartening that he’s been getting away with his behavior for so long because he’s dealing with young black girls. The documentary was launched to correlate with Lifetime’s Emmy award winning Stop Violence Against Women Public Affairs campaign and although it is hard to watch due to the unspeakable sexual misconduct there are lots of teachable moments. With that said, if you haven’t watched it yet, check it out, and take notes on how we can be better and know better collectively as women.

4. Soulja Boy Shenanigans#memetastic Ya’ll already know I’m obsessed with memes and Soulja Boy has hit social media by storm with his memes in correlation to his Drake comment made at an interview with the Breakfast Club. The interview itself is about an hour long and Soulja Boy touches on a lot of things from his shoot out to being the godfather of streaming music but generally he’s perceived as the butt of the joke. Even if you don’t know who Soulja Boy is, I’m sure you’ve at least seen one of his memes. Here are some of my favorites:

5.   Winter Weather Advisory. #coldasshit These winter storms have been coming through the US with no mercy at all. I live in upstate NY right now, so naturally it is already cold out here but I don’t thing the temps have creeped past freezing point for the majority of the month. One of my sisters who lives down in Florida was even busting out her “winter jacket” and turning on the heater this month whenever the temps went below 65 degrees. 😂 All jokes aside, it has been reported that 15 homeless people have died in the US from the bone chilling temperatures. Some states are experiencing temperatures below negative 50 degrees with the wind chill! If you don’t know how cold that is, be thankful because that’s too cold; cold as f*ck! So stay warm out there and commence cuddle weather.

There you have it ladies, those are some of my major takeaways from the month of January. What else would you say was a hot topic from January 2019??