March ’19 Hot Topics

March has been jam packed with hot topics that have taken the world by storm from major regional weather issues to traveling issues to various celebrity issues and I am here to catch y’all up on all the tea this month! So lets jump right in, this month’s hot topics in my book are:

  • Boeing Plane Issues #Boeing737Max8 On Sunday, March 10, a new Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed en route to Nairobi from Addis Adaba leaving no survivors. Six short minutes after takeoff the aircraft, a Boeing 737 Max 8, lost contact with air traffic controllers. The plane crashed right outside of the Ethiopian capital, Bishoftu and it is not clear what caused the crash since the plane was just delivered to the airline back in November. Since the crash the Federal Aviation Administration is grounding all Boeing 737 Max aircraft operated in by US airlines or in US territory for the time being. Some of the major airlines affected by this are Southwest Airlines who had to ground 34 of its’ planes, and American Airlines who grounded 14 aircrafts. Dozens of other countries have grounded their ‘737 Max 8’s, and some have banned them all together. Nonetheless, travel season is among us and it seems like appropriate actions have been taken to ensure passenger safety but fly at your own risk.
  • Stranded Cruise Ship #CruiseGoneWrong The Viking Sky cruise ship was stranded near the coast of Norway on Saturday, March 23, for 48 hours. The ship was carrying 1,373 passengers and were more than half way through the 12-day cruise exploring Norwegian towns when they got stuck in the middle of a storm with 43 mph winds and 26 feet tall waves. On top of that, it has been reported that the cruise ship was also experiencing engine trouble due to low oil levels. Around 400 passengers were evacuated by boat and helicopter throughout the night. The Viking cruise ship was able to successfully dock on Norway’s coast Sunday afternoon. There were 20 reported injuries. Thankfully there were no fatalities, however, I was thinking about taking a cruise later on this year and I’m not going to lie that this spectacle has me on the fence about if I should.
  • Cardi B Video #SurvivingCardiB About 3 years ago, Cardi B made an Instagram Live video where she admits to drugging and robbing men to make a living. Rather than avoiding the limelight, Cardi B owned up to what she said in the video and put it into context where she says, “the men I spoke about…were men I dated…that were conscious, willing and aware.” She continued on and said “I am not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it.” However, social media was ruthless as usual and created #SurvivingCardiB to compare her actions to those of R. Kelly sexual abuse docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly.” People are even out there comparing her to Bill Cosby who is currently serving 10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. Through all of this, Cardi B has shown the world that she owns up to her past actions and is trying to grow from them, in her words, “she never claimed to be perfect.” I think that unless one of Cardi B’s men come forward and speak to her drugging and robbing them, nothing should come of this video.
  • Jussie charges dropped #JussieSmollett In February’s Hot Topics I wrote about the Jussie’s case for staging his own hate crime attack. Jussie was being charged for 16 felony counts which were all dropped on March 26. The Chicago Mayor and Police Department were not in the least bit happy about the state prosecutors clearance of Jussie’s charges. Despite the haters, Jussie has remained unapologetic while maintaining his innocence. I am personally not surprised the charges did not stick because there is no hard proof just circumstantial evidence and the brothers word against his.
  • The Gayle King Interview with R Kelly #rkellyinterview CBS This Morning released the exclusive and explosive interview with R Kelly to give him a chance to respond to the grievances placed against him since the release of the Surviving R Kelly docuseries. The interview has become a topic of conversation with R Kelly’s unstable behavior and Gayle King’s ability to keep her composure through it all. R Kelly puts on a grand act by claiming all the accusers that came forward in the docuseries were “lying on him.” He was very defensive throughout the interview and trying his best to twist the story to his favor. Gayle King also interviewed R Kelly’s current standing women/girlfriends Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary who both spoke in his defense that they are in a consensual relationship with him and their parents pushed them into R Kelly’s arms for money. In the video he plays the victim and busts into tears amidst a temper tantrum as he says, “I’m fighting for my fucking life…y’all killing me with this shit!” There were so many moments in this interview that could be picked apart but the moral of the story is that the fire has been lit to burn this monster to the ground and to say the least, he’s feeling the heat.

Well that’s all I have this month in regards to hot topics, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t other issues that were hot topics of discussion. So what were some other major takeaways this month for y’all??